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Hi, I am Tonika Bruce. I am a Registered Nurse, a doctoral student, a mentor, an author, a leader, and a fighter. The journey to success is filled with challenges, stumbling blocks and naysayers. I consider myself an expert at failures and challenges, which inspired me to talk about various ways to attain success and how we can change our mindset and views of success thru the challenges we face, including being frontline workers.

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1 on 1 Interview with Top Wellness Advocate Becca Guillen By Tonika Bruce

Do healthcare workers become successful entrepreneurs? A great way to boost your income is to become a wellness advocate. Join Tonika Bruce, The Network Nurse, as she interviews Becca Guillen, Wellness Advocate with DoTERRA, as they discuss business ideas healthcare workers can do from their own homes.

Hi! Next Generation Nurses: Do you really know what you need to make your career exceptional by Tonika Bruce

If you’re a nurse, you might start to wonder what skills you will need to succeed and
stay current in the coming years. In this episode I am going to talk about the important things you
need to know to make your career exceptional.

Nursing is a Degree of Toughness By Tonika Bruce

Nurses are always on the front lines of treating patients with different illnesses and yes, it considers one of the most stressful jobs in the US. In this episode we are going to be talking aboutthe main reasons why the nursing profession is a tough thing and what you can do to deal with it.

How to become more effective in 8 steps: Tips for busy nurses By Tonika Bruce

How to become more effective and less stressed? In this episode, I will share with you the 8 steps which will help you to manage your time, and deliver good quality care!

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Influential Factors of the Nursing Profession by Tonika Bruce

Choosing a nursing career as becoming a 21st-century superhero. In this episode, I will share with you some of the incredible facts of nursing, and also we are going to talk about factors that influence people selecting nursing as a career.

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How to be an Instant Impact as New Nurse by Tonika Bruce

In this episode, we are going to explore the characteristics of a successful nurse. Feel free to join me as we discuss factors that will mold you into a prosperous nurse. We will also explain the ingredients of success in the nursing career.

Why Nursing Education is so Crucial in Today’s Time By Tonika Bruce

Education is the key to success, no, lie there, right? But in the current time we live in, the truth is you need to consider the type of education, if you need to be relevant, and also fit in the job market. Some careers will never run out of need, and it’s pretty simple to notice them.  Nurses are them. 

Why Nurses Make Good Entrepreneurs By Tonika Bruce

Many people say Nurses are not great entrepreneurs because they have lack of time, we actually make great entrepreneurs. Nurses have what it takes to be successful in business. We’re clever, hardworking, have excellent communication skills, are good listeners, and are flexible and easy-going.

Latest News

Latest News

Blog : Self-care for Nurses That Are Exposed to Viral and Other Infectious Diseases

As the pandemic rages on, the nurse community is at the forefront of the crisis. In this blog, we provide the best self-care tips to protect yourselves from viral infections and other diseases while working on the front lines during this unprecedented public health crisis. Read More 

Event : Nurse Education

We have an incredible line up of guest speakers, with some of the top, inspiring, and most influential professionals in nursing education. We aim to provide information about Nurse Education. “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” Read More