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Types of Digital Products Nurses Can Sell | Nurse X’s & O’s

How can nurses utilize their expertise to make money without breaking the bank? Selling digital products is a great option. You get to set your own schedule and determine exactly how much time and effort goes into each product. Find the list of possible digital products nurses can sell and start your hustle in today’s show. Make it count.

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Get started selling digital products for nurses

Get started selling digital products for nurses

Nursing professionals everywhere struggle to juggle their busy shifts and still make time for themselves. In this episode, we explore one of the business opportunities that could work perfectly with your schedule. Tune in for more on how nurses can explore their entrepreneurial side by selling digital products without sacrificing too much of that precious free time!

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Dispelling The Myths about The New COVID 19 Booster with Maggie Thomposon

Dispelling The Myths about The New COVID 19 Booster with Maggie Thompson

Conversations are what sharpens a nurse’s mind and rejuvenate the commitment of service to others. The road to becoming a certified nurse is demanding and calls for resilience and focus.
In this,Podcast, you will have an opportunity to interact with Margaret Anne Thompson, a retired Certified Nurse Anesthetist.
Having worked as a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist for 38 years, Margaret has a wealth of knowledge in a range in critical care and anesthesia operations, including pediatrics, cardiovascular, neurology, orthopedics, eye surgery, neonatal surgery, general surgery, and ENT surgery. Margaret holds memberships in various associations, including; AANA, ASNA, NBNA, and WBNA.
In this conversation, Thompson will unveil some of the remarkable transformations in the field for nurses and healthcare workers. and Dispelling the myths about covid 19. We will also dive into the unique role Black and Brown nurses play in this field, some of the common challenges encountered, and the lessons learned as a key take-away for young practitioners. We will equally look at the perceived potential for the CRNA field in the near future.

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Tips on how to market yourself as a nurse in order to land bigger jobs

Tips on How to Market Yourself as a Nurse in Order to Land Bigger Jobs by Tonika Bruce

Nurses are in high demand right now, and nursing salaries are increasing. However, if you don’t know how to market yourself, you can get stuck at the same level for ages.
It’s important that you market yourself to employers. How? There are many ways! In this podcast episode, we will go over some of the most popular tips for marketing yourself as a nurse so that you can land bigger jobs.

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Student tips: How to Start Preparing for Nursing Leadership Early

Student tips: How to Start Preparing for Nursing Leadership Early by Tonika Bruce

The grooming of future nurse leaders is increasingly vital due to the expanding complexity of healthcare practice surroundings and the massive retirement of nurse leaders. In addition, the current healthcare environment is uncertain, making it challenging to plan for the future