Much Needed Self-Development Tips for Student Nurses by Tonika Bruce

In this podcast, we have discussed the importance of self-development for nurses and provide tips on how to do this. Nurses are the backbone of healthcare and it is important that they have a strong sense of self in order to meet their goals and be the best nurse possible!

Why MLM is The Perfect Choice For Nurses by Tonika Bruce

As a nurse, you are trusted, so people will be interested in what you are selling. If marketing is something you have been considering, here are the benefits that might open your mind to start your own business.


Qualities That Make Nurses Great Entrepreneurs by Tonika Bruce

Have you always had the interest in owning your own business but wondering what could you do independently as a nurse? In this podcast, Tonika Bruce shares her entrepreneurial journey and the qualities of nurses and healthcare professionals that make great entrepreneurs.

Nurse Entrepreneur: Gain Knowledge and Develop the Skills to Showcase Your Capabilities by Tonika Bruce

Running your business as a nurse demands a massive commitment from your end. The most exciting part of it comes with the freedom to use your nursing skills to showcase your capabilities in creative and innovative ways. You, however, have to know your potential and set realistic expectations. In this episode, we talk about gaining knowledge and developing your skills to showcase your capabilities as a nurse entrepreneur.

How Nurses Can Navigate into an Irresistible Business Venture by Tonika Bruce

Nursing is an interesting career where you get to learn important life skills such as time management and handling emergencies. Besides, if you want to transition into your business as a Nurse Practitioner, it is inevitable that you will have to bear in mind the steps we have discussed in this episode. Therefore, keep doing your research and only go for what works for you. It also never hurts to consult your seniors or other successful minds in your field. Nothing can substitute experience!