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Developing Cultural Competency as a Nurse

Developing Cultural Competency as a Nurse by Tonika Bruce

In order to be a successful nurse, you need to have more than just medical knowledge. Cultural competence is a skill that comes in handy. Cultural competency is the ability to understand and interact with people from various cultures. It’s not only useful in personal relationships but also in professional ones too. Especially in the medical field. In this podcast we will discuss how nurses can develop cultural competence so they can better provide care for their patients while avoiding any potential problems along the way!

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Becca Guillen, Wellness Advocate with DoTERRA

1 on 1 Interview with Top Wellness Advocate Becca Guillen By Tonika Bruce – Part 1

Do healthcare workers become successful entrepreneurs? A great way to boost your income is to become a wellness advocate. Join Tonika Bruce, The Network Nurse, as she interviews Becca Guillen, Wellness Advocate with DoTERRA, as they discuss business ideas healthcare workers can do from their own homes.