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Nurse Entrepreneurs Should Avoid These Five Mistakes by Tonika Bruce

Are you an enthusiastic nurse entrepreneur, or do you already have a stable career and enterprise? Wherever pace you are at, mistakes still happen. Listen to today’s podcast to learn more about nurse entrepreneurs’ mistakes that you should avoid having an incredible and advancing career!

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Nurse Entrepreneur: Gain Knowledge and Develop the Skills to Showcase Your Capabilities by Tonika Bruce

Running your business as a nurse demands a massive commitment from your end. The most exciting part of it comes with the freedom to use your nursing skills to showcase your capabilities in creative and innovative ways. You, however, have to know your potential and set realistic expectations. In this episode, we talk about gaining knowledge and developing your skills to showcase your capabilities as a nurse entrepreneur.

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How Nurses Can Navigate into an Irresistible Business Venture by Tonika Bruce

Nursing is an interesting career where you get to learn important life skills such as time management and handling emergencies. Besides, if you want to transition into your business as a Nurse Practitioner, it is inevitable that you will have to bear in mind the steps we have discussed in this episode. Therefore, keep doing your research and only go for what works for you. It also never hurts to consult your seniors or other successful minds in your field. Nothing can substitute experience!

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Bannic Healthcare Podcast

1-on-1 Bannic Healthcare with Nicole Cole

Have you ever wondered how some healthcare workers are successful entrepreneurs? You might be asking yourself if you have what it takes to become one too.
Opening your own business can be a new, refreshing opportunity, whether you are just looking for additional or side income or looking to change careers.
There are a number of business opportunities where healthcare workers can leverage their education, licenses and degrees, experience, and skills.
In this episode, we listen from Nicole Cole, DNP, APRN-BC, “DR. Coco” as she explains how she started Bannic Healthcare Education and Services

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Hi! Next Generation Nurses: Do you really know what you need to make your career exceptional by Tonika Bruce

If you’re a nurse, you might start to wonder what skills you will need to succeed and
stay current in the coming years. In this episode I am going to talk about the important things you
need to know to make your career exceptional.