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Dispelling The Myths about The New COVID 19 Booster with Maggie Thomposon

Dispelling The Myths about The New COVID 19 Booster with Maggie Thompson

Conversations are what sharpens a nurse’s mind and rejuvenate the commitment of service to others. The road to becoming a certified nurse is demanding and calls for resilience and focus.
In this,Podcast, you will have an opportunity to interact with Margaret Anne Thompson, a retired Certified Nurse Anesthetist.
Having worked as a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist for 38 years, Margaret has a wealth of knowledge in a range in critical care and anesthesia operations, including pediatrics, cardiovascular, neurology, orthopedics, eye surgery, neonatal surgery, general surgery, and ENT surgery. Margaret holds memberships in various associations, including; AANA, ASNA, NBNA, and WBNA.
In this conversation, Thompson will unveil some of the remarkable transformations in the field for nurses and healthcare workers. and Dispelling the myths about covid 19. We will also dive into the unique role Black and Brown nurses play in this field, some of the common challenges encountered, and the lessons learned as a key take-away for young practitioners. We will equally look at the perceived potential for the CRNA field in the near future.

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Bannic Healthcare Podcast

1-on-1 Bannic Healthcare with Nicole Cole

Have you ever wondered how some healthcare workers are successful entrepreneurs? You might be asking yourself if you have what it takes to become one too.
Opening your own business can be a new, refreshing opportunity, whether you are just looking for additional or side income or looking to change careers.
There are a number of business opportunities where healthcare workers can leverage their education, licenses and degrees, experience, and skills.
In this episode, we listen from Nicole Cole, DNP, APRN-BC, “DR. Coco” as she explains how she started Bannic Healthcare Education and Services